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Thin Client Computing Is Your Most Secure and Cost Saving Networking Solution

Thin client computing is the securest option for your company’s data because all applications and data reside on the server and not the workstation PC’s. From that, the savings comes from focusing your management efforts on the network server instead of the many workstations.

This makes thin client computing more secure, affordable, manageable, and reliable than other client-server based systems.

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How is it more secure?

Since all data originates and is stored on a central server, ALL data is protected by a single backup. In a typical client-server arrangement, data may be scattered among desktops, laptops, on the LAN, at remote office sites or with mobile users. As the data is spread out, the opportunity for data loss or theft becomes great. And when used with Thin-Client terminals, data can’t be copied or stored locally, giving you even greater control over your data.

The 100% server based working environment makes all of your business applications accessible from one central location and creates a standardized and secure environment.

How is it more affordable?

By focusing your network attention on the server, your network becomes more affordable in the following ways:

  • Since there is nothing installed on the desktop (except the O/S necessary to run the Client software), there is less to go wrong on the desktop so there is less cost to maintain.
  • Smaller IT staff is necessary to maintain your network since there will be fewer problems.
  • Proprietary applications are not necessary. Since the operating system is Windows NT/2000 server, most any off-the-shelf Windows application can be installed and made immediately available to all network users.
  • The obsolete desktop goes away. A 1996 “Dumb Terminal” or a 386 w/16MB of RAM are all that is required to access all of your newest software applications. And if these older devices will suffice, imagine how long your current PC’s will work.

How is it more manageable?

With all applications installed on a central server, your network becomes more manageable in the following ways:

  • All software is installed once on the server(s).
  • When software maintenance is necessary (upgrades, patches, hotfixes, service packs) it is performed once on the server.
  • When O/S management is necessary (add/delete users, change permissions, etc.) it is performed once on the server.
  • Most management/administrative functions can be performed remotely.
  • PC’s become “dumb terminals” so in the event of a desktop crash, no data, application or profile information is lost.

How is it more reliable?

By bringing everything from the desktop and putting it on the server, the network itself becomes more controllable and therefore more reliable. Since the essentials of network operation are under the direct supervision and control of your trained network professionals, there is less likelihood of mistakes or deliberate damage being done.

What is Thin-Client Computing?

Thin Client computing is hosting your applications and data centrally on a server, like the old days of mainframes and text terminals, but without the high investment. Today it is possible to run modern Web and Windows™ based software using this architecture. Your applications are installed, executed and maintained on a central server(s) and only screen shots, keyboard inputs and mouse clicks are transmitted to your desktop.

What is Citrix?

Citrix began developing the Windows-based, thin-client technology with Windows NT 3.51. As the leaders in the engineering and development of the thin-client technology, Citrix has taken the technology through Windows NT 4.0 and currently supports Windows 2000. Utilizing ICA protocol, Citrix provides a proven competitive advantage for organizations deploying Windows®, UNIX® and Java™ applications across networks regardless of user location, client hardware, or available bandwidth.

How does Citrix ICA work?

Citrix ICA technology includes 3 components; server software, network protocol, and client software. ICA has the unique ability to separate an application’s logic, which executes 100% on the server, from its user interface, which is transported to the client device over standard network protocols and popular network connections. On the client (workstation), users see and work with the interface as if the application were running locally, sending keystrokes and mouse clicks over the network, and receiving screen updates, files, audio and clipboard information from the server.

Can you justify an IT staff?

While Thin Client technology was originally designed with the Enterprise network in mind, many smaller companies (some as small as 2-3 workstations) can benefit from the advantages provided by the Thin Client scenario. We understand that most smaller companies can’t afford to bring a full-time network administrator in-house so we offer several Support Options that will provide the attention to your network necessary to keep it up and running at a fraction of the cost of a full-time Network Administrator.

Would you like to work from home or in the field?

One of the most incredible features of the Citrix ICA technology is the fact that it only requires 15-20k of bandwidth so connections can be made to the server using most any connection (DSL through the Internet, ISDN, cable modem, even dial-up). This provides dependable access by home users, field employees and branch offices without the need for expensive dedicated connections such as Frame Rely or T-1.

You may be asking if Thin Client Technology will work for you?

We understand that every scenario is different and want to be sure that this solution is best for you. This is why we offer a “Pilot Program”.

During this Pilot, we will:

  • Show an existing Citrix installation for a hands-on feel for the technology.
  • Load your software on a Citrix server to determine compatibility, or
  • Bring a Citrix server on to your site, load your software in your environment to make absolutely sure that there will be no hidden problems.

We support the Thin Client Computing topology with:

  • Window 2000 Server
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Citrix MetaFrame and Presentation Server
  • Citrix Access Essentials
  • Windows-Based terminals
  • Network Servers
  • Consulting, Sales and Installation
  • Follow-up Support and Maintenance
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